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Cheese, a gourmet dairy product from all our regions of France and Europe.

And there are types of cheese for everyone’s taste! Maturing more than a thousand varieties of cheeses since 1976, according to the seasons or deliveries, taking care of the  ancestral traditions respect.

We ship cheese in France and around the world !

Cheese list


There is a multitude of goat’s milk cheeses: white or ashen, round, cylindrical, pyramidal, in the shape of a log… They have different textures and tastes depending on the maturing period.

Fresh from the producers, they are drained then wisely aligned on racks. Preserved for at least 15 days for the youngest ones until several months for the most matured. At the same time, a flora made up of yeasts and moulds (white, blue, orange…) will gradually develop on their surface.

Soft cheeses with a flowery rind

The cheeses of this family go through a more delicate maturing process. These cheeses have a white, fluffy rind and are soft. They are attributed scents of mushroom, yeast, moss or moist soil. Their flavour is reminiscent of mushroom, hazelnut and butter aromas…

Soft cheeses with washed rind

These cheeses are renowned for their strong odour, yet with very different and subtle tastes. They are characterised by a rind that varies in colour, from orange-yellow to brown, passing through ochres and reds while the dough keeps an ivory tone. These are regularly washed to activate fermentation: either in brine or with alcohols (Marc de Bourgogne, beer, white wines…) and some with secret recipes transmitted through the elders.

Cooked and uncooked pressed dough cheeses

Made from cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk, they come in the form of tommes or wheels, with a multitude of textures, all mainly from the Alpine pastures. Maturing can vary from a few weeks to several years. Every week, these cheeses are turned and brushed manually, so that the acarids do their work! Then comes the magic of flavours: spicy, woody, cellar notes, fresh grass, wood, mushrooms, honey, gentian, fruit, cream…. A palette of colours then appears on the rind depending on the terroir: from brown, grey through yellow and orange… these exceptional cheeses are rare pieces to offer such a variety of colours and just as many variations of typical and authentic flavours.

Blue-veined dough cheeses

Blue-veined dough cheeses also require real know-how.
Between cow’s milk, sheep’s milk and sometimes goat’s milk (rarer), we offer a wide range that will enchant the most experienced among you. Smooth and fat, with a pleasant, strong odour, from ivory to yellow dough, blue-veined with a clear taste.
Opt for the power of Roqueforts, the finesse of Fourmes (d’Ambert, de Montbrison…) or the typicality of blues (from Auvergne, Causses, Gex…) as well as rare and unseeded natural blue cheeses, such as Bleu de Termignon.


Europe is also well represented, with a wide range of matured and pampered cheeses in our cellars: English – Spanish – Italian – Dutch -…
In season, home-made prepared cheeses  » with fresh Truffle, Tuber Melanosporum Extra, directly from a House founded in 1930.
Respecting seasonality, all year round, many discoveries and gems.

Mystère d’alléosse

The talent of the Master Cheese maturer is to make each cheese unique!
It is also to know how to innovate, with « home-made » creations, true gustatory prowesses with a range of flavours and work around the cheese, without distorting it !
The most beautiful examples are the « Mystère d’Alléosse », a sweet-savoury fourme. combination between crunchy, creamy and melting, the Stilton matured in Porto wine or the Fourme matured in Sauternes Raygne Vigneau….The secret recipes are jealously guarded by the Alléosse family. Enjoy in tasting these delicacies!
Cheeses are living products and nothing beats the experience of the cheese maturer to reveal their full potential!

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